Apathy always seems to get the best of me...mostly because it requires mimimal effort on my part.

As of right now.. there is very little I truely care about, which i admit is both sad and pathetic..but oh well.
All I want is to go away to college. Now. Skip the second half of the year and just have it be September. 
BUT... thats not going to happen... so all I need to do is get through the second half of the year. joy.


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The cycle continues

 Seven years ago I came home.... 

                                                                                            For what? 
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Stupid freshmen!

gah! how can people be soooo stupid?! I was never as imcompetent as they are. How hard is it to lift things and move them from one place to another? apparently its a difficult concept for some to understand...pathetic.

so yes, freshmen trackies...suck. 

Other than the incometence delt with on a daily basis.. track has been pretty good. Some of the freshmen are tolerable...  like 3/8. but the other 5 are just idiotic. Hopefully I will easily clear 8 or 8'6 at the first meet.. (even better would be 9 XD), but we shall see how it all goes.
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(no subject)


so i just posted... but oh well.

People are silly... very silly. so my brother has been home and is already pissing off my was a new record though... took upwards of 40 minutes before my mom exploded. 

how silly.

I was talking to someone today... and he jammed his foot so far down his mouth it reminded me of Evan in International Relations... I totally should have been leader... but thats entirely too much work.

I didn't go to track today, nor the concert I paid 5 dollars for.... but I ran with my ipod... so one could say i did half and half.

I've started listening to ZOX alot.... great band... well worth the money for the cd.

I broke a string on my Bass the other day (my 6 string) so im pretty bummed.... so now i need 30 dollars for new ones... joy.

I am like 10 chapters away from beating Fire Emblem: Radient Dawn... but my brother stole the disc... oh well

It's been 7 years since I excaped my hell. go me.

I am currently watching my brother play Halo 3 because i have nothing better to do... and because i kicked his ass every match we played XD

later all


Breaking Out

At a standstill.

I need something new in life... not that i'm complaining or anything, because i have a pretty awesome life, minus the whole lack of childhood. but still, variety is the spice of life. Here I am doing the same things on a daily/weekly basis. 

Any suggestions?

my attempts thus far include:

(relying more on people) im obne of those who has to do this is tough
(bassist in a band) hardcore screamo if you really want to know...easy enough for me
(active role in track) that wont last or even be noticed
(not piss people off) quite difficult... because we know i am always right XD
(be more open to music) i still refuse to listen to rap.

So yeah, anything you all would like to add would be quite helpful... even if i you don't know me that well... every idea is worth consideration.

later all...


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